4 More Crazy Tattoo Stories

By Oxygen

We recently asked the Best Ink crew to give us their craziest tattoo stories -- and the tales we got back did not disappoint (if you haven't seen Hannah Aitchinson's, watch above!). We've rounded up a few more crazy tattoo stories from the Tattoos After Dark cast. Enjoy…
When I got a client who loves cheeseburgers so much, she decided to get a realistic one tattooed on her shoulder.
My friend had me tattoo a beach scene on his entire stomach (sun setting, waves crashing, palm trees) with the sand being pretty close to his genital region. I convinced him that it would look really good if we put some crabs on the beach. So there are three crabs -- the center one, which is directly above his junk, is holding a magnifying glass looking down. 
I had two guys come in who were both married, and they got each other's names tattooed on their asses.
Watch a sneak peek of the upcoming episode here:

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