Fun Facts About the 'Tattoos After Dark' Crew

By Oxygen
When the artists in Tattoos After Dark aren't dealing with people hissing at them or running into the shop naked or throwing up on the floor or piercing a man's balls (watch the trailer now!), they are busy living "normal" lives. At least, that's what we've gathered from from asking cast members to give us three fun facts about themselves. Get to know some of the TAD crew below.
Christine Barnum
1. I am obsessed with Batman and aim to be him every day.
2. I love cooking. I am a pescatarian.  
3. I am teaching myself to play the ukelele.
Justin Coppolino
1. I am a singer/songwriter/bassist. My identical twin brother and I started our band "Still Standing" in 1998 and have toured all over the the world with many bands. Our biggest tour was with Alice Cooper for his "Eyes of Alice Cooper tour" in 2005 throughout Canada. I also play bass in a band called "Thorne" with legendary BMX biker Rick Thorne as the frontman.
2. I hate Mayonnaise so much that when I order food I tell them that I'm allergic to it just as a precaution. 
3. I'm super into Katy Perry. Haha.
Asaru Mushavu
1. I work hard at being the best artist I can be.
2. All my tattoos represent some form of my personality or something that is important to me.
3. I am low key - a big kid. I love comic books and going to the movies.
Chris Saint (the Piercer)
1. I have two cats, one called Tennant after David Tennant from Doctor Who and one called Princess Consuela.
2. I'm the biggest nerd on the planet when it comes to video games, comic books, etc. 
3. I once drunkenly got "Ay Bay Bay" tattooed on my arm, way too big.
Friday Jones
1. I was a state champion mascot in high school and went on to coach professionally at the college level. I loved cheering and supporting my team, but I'm pretty tall (5'9") and I loved the freedom and fun the mascots were having. You can get away with anything and there's nothing like the rush of leading 50,000 fans in a stadium wave!
2. I won a prize in college for a philosophy paper I wrote about the Marquis de Sade and the concept of evolution through pain and suffering. I was an apprentice tattoo artist at the time and I was getting a lot of experience in that arena!
3. I grew up in the Great California Central Valley and got to experience our coastal wineries while they were still developing. I became a tremendous foodie and "winey" and recently appeared in Wine Enthusiast. I'm very proud of that!
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