EMT Driver Talks About The Rag Found In The Exhaust Pipe Of Maura Murray's Car

"It made no sense."

On the most recent episode of “The Disappearance of Maura Murray,” a first responder from Maura’s crash site discussed one of the most mind-boggling clues in the case: the rag in the exhaust. Former U.S. Marshal Art Roderick and journalist Maggie Freleng tracked down Dick Guy, who worked as an emergency medical technician in 2004. He and his partner pulled up to the scene to find Maura’s Saturn sedan. Dick said the car seemingly hit a tree before spinning around. The damage to the car was minimal.

“Not terribly expensive,” he recalled. “There was nothing to indicate that anybody was hurt.”

Maggie asked Dick if there was anything unusual about the crash.

“Yes. I walked up and down the snowbanks a little ways, and my partner says ‘what’s with the rag in the exhaust pipe?’ I was like, ‘Wow. What is that?’”

Dick described the rag as a dish towel.

“It kind of was a head scratcher. …. It looked like it was stuffed in and it was hanging out, eight inches, ten inches or so, not quite to the ground. And, it really seemed odd. It made no sense.”

Maggie asked Dick why someone would want to put a rag in a tail pipe.

“I wondered if she might have stopped at the little store, maybe half a mile before and somebody had sabotaged her car, trying to make it stop,” Dick said, adding that a rumor circulated in the area about just that. “There was a theory about some young men who worked at the ski area over in Loon who lived nearby, who would have driven by that site to get to work and [who] didn’t go into work that night.”

The resort is 20 miles east of Maura’s crash site.

“Did the so-called 'Loon Mountain three' see Maura at a gas station and then sabotage her car, sticking a rag in the tail pipe?” Maggie asked. “I’ve read about this theory on blogs but hearing that it’s also a theory that circulates locally makes me think there could be more to it.”

Dick told her that’s the theory that has always stuck out in his mind.

“If Maura’s car were sabotaged it would have been easy for the culprit to trail a short distance behind and pretend to lend a helping hand,” Maggie explained.

Another fact that makes Maura’s crash even eerier: the 911 call transcript. The latest episode of the investigative series revealed the dispatcher who took notes during calls to police after Maura's accident documented that someone said there was a man smoking a cigarette in Maura’s car.

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