First Officer To Arrive At Maura Murray's Crash Site Debunks 'Witness A''s Account

Witness A: "I feel it’s risky to say on camera but I don’t totally trust the police."

On the most recent episode of “The Disappearance of Maura Murray,” “Witness A” spoke on camera. For years, one eyewitness of the crash scene has kept her identity protected from the public for years.

“It didn’t feel like it would be safe for me to do that because obviously something bad happened,” Karen McNamara said. Now, she decided it would be safer to reveal her identity.

“But, they know who I am because I called and told them who I am so then I thought it would be safer if people knew who I am.”

By “they,” McNamara means the police.

“I feel it’s risky to say on camera but I don’t totally trust the police,” she said.

Why? Because she reported seeing a police SUV on the crash scene. The SUV was marked 001.

“They (police) asked me if I was sure it was 001. I thought it was odd.”

It is believed by some that then-police Jeff Williams often drove the SUV marked 001 at the time, promoting a popular conspiracy theory that he had something to do with Maura’s disappearance. 

 Williams was not reported as present at the crash scene. The fact that Williams had his own run-ins with the law further fueled that theory. In 2009, he pleaded guilty to driving drunk.

In his very first interview with the media regarding the Maura Murray case, Sergeant Cecil Smith may have debunked that theory. He told journalist Maggie Freleng that he was driving the SUV-like vehicle.

He was driving the 4x4 Explorer that some believe Williams frequently drove. Smith chose the SUV over a sedan because of the snowy conditions that night.

“According to him, he was driving an SUV not a sedan like people speculated,” Freleng explained.

In the interview, Smith also talked about his interaction with witness Butch Atwood, a neighbor who said he spoke to Maura after the crash. Smith said Atwood noticed that Maura was slurring her speech, which made him think she may have been drinking. When Freleng asked what Smith made of Butch, he responded, “I didn’t speak to him very long. Less than a minute I would say. And, I didn’t know him before so…”

Freleng was intrigued by his answer.

“I didn’t ask him if he knew him so it’s an odd piece of information for sgt smith to offer up unprompted.”

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