Former State Trooper Puts Possible Dent In James Renner's Maura Murray Theory

“Why didn't they tell Fred this and put an end to his speculation?”

On the most recent episode of “The Disappearance of Maura Murray,” John Monaghan, a former trooper with the New Hampshire State Police spoke publicly about Maura’s crash scene for the very first time. In doing so, he may have put a dent in author James Renner’s theory about Maura’s disappearance.

He said he went to three locations in town that had security camera footage. He requested and received footage from Cumberland Farms, a Quick Stop and a store called Butson’s.

“Crime writer James Renner told me an eyewitness told him she saw Maura and two women there [at Butson’s’] just before the crash. This sighting supports James’ theory that Maura ran away with help from someone she knew,” journalist Maggie Freleng explained.

“I pulled the tapes just to see if perhaps she had stopped there on her way through,” Monaghan said. “I didn’t find anything.”

Monaghan also explained another question about the case that has been on Fred Murray’s mind. Fred, Maura’s father, had expressed his theory that police are covering up a less-than-thorough investigation.

“I think they’re hiding their own lack of their performance, lack of proper performance,” he told Freleng.

Local police had told Fred in 2004 that Monaghan was on the scene of his daughter’s crash. But, when Fred met up with the commanding officer of the state police, Fred said he seemed to have no idea that Monaghan was present at the scene.

“They said, ‘we didn’t hear about that,’” Fred recalled. “My heart just absolutely sank right through the floor.”

In his interview, Monaghan explained that a day or two after he assisted on the scene his lieutenant called him to ask if he had filed a report about the incident. He hadn’t at that point. Instead, he filed a general report stating that he assisted local police. His lieutenant told him to write a more detailed one up. Freleng said if this was true, it would explain why Monaghan’s superiors didn’t know yet that he was at the crash site.

“Such a simple explanation,” Freleng said. “Why didn't they tell Fred this and put an end to his speculation?”

Monaghan expressed what appeared to be relief during the interview.

“This is really the first time I’ve been able to openly talk about my story.”

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