Maura Murray’s Sister Finally Explains The 'Upsetting Call' That Has Baffled Online Sleuths For Years

One element of the Maura Murray case has boggled those who are enthralled with it: the phone call that Maura received from her sister a few days before she vanished. 

One element of the Maura Murray case has boggled those who are enthralled with it: the phone call that Maura received from her sister a few days before she vanished. On the most recent episode of “The Disappearance of Maura Murray,” Maura’s eldest sister Kathleen explained the phone call for the first time.

Around 1 a.m., on February 6, 2004, just three days before she went missing, Maura received a phone call at work and became visibly upset. She was then escorted back to her dorm room by her supervisor. Lance Reenstierna, who makes appearances on "The Disappearance of Maura Murray," and runs the “Missing Maura Murray” podcast alongside Tim Pilleri, told this is a potential red herring.

“She was reported to say, while sobbing, ‘my sister,’” Lance said.


Now, it’s possible that the meaning of “my sister” and the reason for Maura’s emotional reaction has been explained. In an interview with journalist Maggie Freleng, Maura’s sister Kathleen disclosed the contents of that call. She said that Maura wasn't upset, at least while she was still on the phone with Kathleen.

“I was told after,” Kathleen said, in regards to reports that Maura was spotted crying after the call ended. She went on to explain that she wasn’t happy at that time in her life, and she expressed that sentiment to Maura during their conversation.

“My ex, we didn’t get along when we both drank. I was self-medicating but it was making it worse. I even went to go get help because there are a lot of alcoholics in my family,” admitted Kathleen. By help, she specified that she meant rehab. But she said her ex wasn’t that supportive of her stint in a facility.

“So, my ex-husband, he comes to pick me up fresh out of a rehab and the first place he pulls in is to a liquor store. I said, ‘What are you doing? Are you really that selfish?’”

Kathleen relapsed and began drinking again. She told Maura about all this on the phone. “You know, if my sister was telling me those things, I’d be really upset,” Maggie Freleng responded. “I’d be really worried. She loved you. She wanted you to be happy.”

This possibly explains why Maura was so distraught after the call.

“Now I understand why Kathleen never talked about the phone call and I understand why Maura was crying,” Maggie concluded. “It wasn’t about her father or her boyfriend. It was about concern for her sister.”

However, that still doesn’t explain why Maura took a week off of school and drove north, further away from her troubled sibling, Maggie explained.

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