5 Major Reasons To Watch 'The Face' Marathon This Saturday

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Already have plans this Saturday? Cancel them. Don't have plans? Now you do, because we're airing a mini-marathon of "The Face" from 8am to 12pm this Sat., Mar. 9. This is your chance to get caught up on the first four episodes if you're behind or re-watch the drama just because. Need more convincing? Here are five reasons you can't argue with:

5. Spend More Time With the Model Contestants

Some just left too soon—as they're supposed to—since it's a competition. 

4. There's Dancing!


Who doesn't love dancing? Naomi does!


Well, maybe not everyone. (Eh hem, Devyn.)


 (And Madeleine.)

3. Models Fall!


This kind of never gets old (we're going to hell), but then Jennifer Lawrence pretty much made stumbles cool at the Oscars. 

2. The Guest Stars

We had legendary photographer Patrick Demarchelier shooting the contestants for a W mag photo spread (that's major), plus countless big time major label execs and this celebrity stylist who basically got in Coco's face.




Let's just say there's a build-up that runs from episode one to four—from the battle amongst the coaches (yeah, you, Naomi and Karolina) to the contestants bringing the catfights and tears.

Oh, just watch: Sat., Mar. 9 from 8am to 12pm. You'll still make brunch!

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