Coco Rocha Gets Technical

For those of you not glued to your Twitter/Instagram/[insert social media addiction here], it might be news that supermodel it girl Coco Rocha is her own technology brand. So much so that Mashable, the tech-trendster's go-to blog, recruited Coco to curate the fashion category of the "Mashable Innovation Index 2012." See—Coco just can't get enough of her social, even on the set of "The Face."

So right, if checking Facebook is the most tech-involved that you ever get, then let's just summarize with it's a huge nod of respect for Coco's social media knowledge and expertise. She does have 422,426 Twitter followers, 275,140 Instagram devotees and 1,891,529 Google+ circle-insiders (as of 4:20pm ET on Dec. 6 and counting). Beauty and brains, snap!

So take a look through (iPad Mini alert!) for her picks and vote for your favorite fashion tech innovator.

[Photo Credit: Walter Sassard for Oxygen Media]


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