Coco Rocha Will Walk In Zac Posen's Show, Says He's The Perfect Date

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

"The Face" model mentor Coco Rocha was busy mentoring a group of young impressional New York Fashion Week models this afternoon at a top-secret underground location referred to by those in-the-know as "The Model Lounge." Just kidding, while the locale is truly called the Model Lounge New York, it's like a safe relaxation haven (stocked with snacks, magazines and wifi) for models running in between the shows to chill, catch up on homework and get training from experts like Vogue bookings editor Valerie Boster and social media supermodel Coco. We caught up with her before her tech sesh and she had some really interesting things to say, like, confirm that she will indeed walk in Sunday's Zac Posen show.

Coco preparing for her talk on social media in the Model Lounge NYC.

If you remember, Coco, Karolina and Naomi were surprise models in Zac's show last season, which also made a cameo on the elimination episode of "The Face." So it's no shocker that Coco is joining in to support her good friend and, from the sounds of things, a total dream date.

The Face: We know you've been walking in Zac's show every season now, but how are you feeling about working with him again?

Coco: I have not missed one show of his at all. We’ve been together since the beginning, so I never ever wanted to miss his show. I was wondering if I should take a season off, but I always have done his at least. And just to have that sort of relationship has always been exciting. Most models don’t even the designer don’t even know who the models are in his show, he does. That’s what’s very exciting about it.

The Face: What are your favorite memories of working with him at Fashion Week? 

Coco: I think my favorite memories are how he’s asked me to be his date for an event and how he’s such a little gentleman. He gets the door for you, he pulls the seat for you, he discusses and asks about your life. Just thinking it’s outside of the actual runway, that’s the special part.

The Face: He sounds like the perfect date.

Coco: He is the perfect date. And he dresses to your dress, so I pick a dress and he will find a suit that goes to the color of the dress. All of his dates, you'll notice. I wear burgundy and he tries to wear burgundy. If I’m wearing black and white, he’ll wear black and white.

The Face: It's like prom!

Coco: It's a fantastic fashion prom.

The Face: What else will you be doing this New York Fashion Week?

Coco: Just watching shows. It’s weird this season. Everyone’s like sit, watch my show. I’m like, I still can physically walk, why can’t you let me walk for your show? (Laughs.) When they say, "Please sit in the front row," it tells you you’ve gone somewhere. You’ve kind of surprassed just being a face, you’re now more than that to them. But you’re always like, but I like to do my day job! That is something I like to do, so. Sometimes I hear that music and I’m like, I wanna walk to that.

The Face: Maybe you can jump up on the runway one day.

Coco: One day when I’m retired. And ruin my life, that’s what I’ll do.

[Photo Credit: Zac Posen Fall 2010, Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images for IMG; Spring 2013, Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week]

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