Coco Rocha's Lipstick Smudge-Proof Dining Strategy

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

All that time and energy spent in hair and makeup, plus the effort of being flawlessly styled in a gorgeous designer gown, can really get a girl's appetite going. But the dilemma: How do you consume a delicious snack without mussing up that perfectly applied red lipstick? Coco Rocha has a strategy.

First things first, a utensil is key. You can't be biting into a messy, drippy burger or cheesesteak. Bite-size pieces are of utmost importance.

And you'll need to recruit a family member, friend or a dedicated crew member with a near surgeon-steady hand. See: Lipstick is still immaculate and Coco's hunger pangs—resolved. In retrospect, we would have suggested a gigantic bib to throw over that ornate baroque gown, but again, steady hand, steady hand.

[Photo Credit: Walter Sassard for Oxygen Media]


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