Exit Chat With Brittany: "It's Funny Actually, I Have Worked for Kleinfeld's Before"

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Another episode of "The Face," another challenge, another goodbye: This time, it's Brittany from Team Coco. It was an especially hard loss for the model coach since teammate Marlee had to leave the show for personal reasons. While Coco didn't collapse into tears while sending one of her girls to the gauntlet to face Naomi again, it still is hard to say adios. Let's give Brittany a final say and hear her thoughts on the difference in maturity level in the loft (cuz you know, she's "older"), all that Stephanie smack talk and what she's up to now.

The Face: So your former teammate Stephanie has been the topic of discussion from other contestants (mainly from Team Karolina) for the past couple episodes. What’s your take on her experience level and how she’s being received?

Brittany: I admire my teammate Stephanie. She is beautiful inside and out and I feel she is being perceived very well on the show. Obviously, we all know she is the only one that had no experience prior to the show. But Stephanie is learning very fast and the rest of Team Coco was supportive in helping her grow in the areas she needed to for the tests and challenges. We have a really solid team.

You’re one of the “older” (and I put quotes around that because 26 is super young) contestants on the show. Was there a difference in maturity level with the other contestants?

Clearly there are those contestants that feed off of drama. I've never been that way and I do not like to get caught up in any of that. I was there to work hard and win. This is not my first rodeo and I have been modeling for awhile. I would say the biggest difference in maturity is there were a lot of complainers about silly things as far as the whole aspect of production. There are long hours without breaks, maybe a mishap with lighting, so we have to wait longer to begin shooting, shoes or clothes not fitting, etc ... Those things happen and you have to learn to deal with it because it is part of the business! Complaining about it won't accomplish anything, it's just a waste of time and annoying to those around.

So you’ve walked runway before, how different was the Kleinfeld’s experience from the other ones you’ve had?

It's funny actually, I have worked for Kleinfeld's before. They have hired me to do runway bridal for them in the past. So I find me not being "memorable"( the reason I was eliminated) very hard to believe. I guess the only difference with this runway show from the ones I've done in the past for Kleinfeld's and others, is that we had to walk down 25 steps of stairs. I've done shows before walking down stairs, in a gown, without looking or holding on to a hand rail, just not so many stairs at once.

Looking back, what would you have done differently?

Nothing at all.

You were pretty confident that Margaux was going to go into elimination, but then Coco sent you because your walk wasn’t “memorable.” What do you have to say about that now?

Like I said, the client Kleinfeld's has hired me to walk in their bridal runway shows prior to this competition. So the remark of me not being "memorable" is preposterous. As far as Coco's decision, it was a very difficult one to make, and whether I agree or not I have to respect it.

How did it feel facing the famous Naomi Campbell?

There are not many things that make me nervous, but I was in this situation because I know Naomi is extremely competitive. In the long run she will do whatever she has to, to eliminate her competition quickly because winning the ultimate prize is what she wants.

And what was going through your head when she responded to you and Ebony about how she wouldn’t go to Anna Wintour with her life story?

What was going through my head was, "I would never do that either!" I have NEVER used my "story" to get a job. I knew only one girl could win so I wanted to give and take what I could from this competition whether I'd win or lose. I wanted to use this opportunity as a platform, to reach the people in the audience with a dream they feel is outrageous or unrealistic. My story isn't a "pity me story" or a "sob" story, I don't want that nor do I need it because I triumphed over those setbacks and I'm living the life I always dreamt of. This was the first time I exposed things that are extremely difficult and personal. That's why in the casting special when asked to discuss it I immediately became emotional. I do not speak about those things, and I did on national television. As terrifying as it was, I felt compelled to share it. Reason being is my ultimate goal is to inspire others to overcome whatever obstacles may lay in their way, because we all have a story. If mine helped the life of just one person out there watching then I have succeeded.

So what do you miss the most and least about the model loft?

Kicking everyone's butt in Connect Four!

What are you working on now?

Some very exciting things are in the works! I have a few publications currently out, I am still furthering my work in philanthropy, and I am spending more time in Los Angeles to pursue more film and television opportunities. I also have a very exciting announcement to make in the early spring that I am not at liberty to discuss as off yet. But, be sure to follow me on all of my social networks to keep up to date with all of my work.

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