Exit Chat With Ebony: Childish Drama is What Shell Miss the Least

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Team Karolina member and mother of two Ebony made it to the final four and the finale of The Face, but didn’t make it to the runway challenge. Along the way, she made her mark by dancing her way to an individual challenge win and being half of the only team that actually worked together. It was hard to say goodbye to Ebony before the final decision, but we did catch up with her recently for an exit chat. And she has some exciting news to share!

The Face: You and Devyn worked together so well as a team, what was it like to have to compete against her in the last episode?

Ebony: It was fine. I told Dev that as long as one of us wins, I will be ok with that! 

The Face: Do you two still keep in touch?

Ebony: Of course we do. That’s my girl!

The Face: Team Karolina seemed to have escaped the drama the other two groups experienced (on different levels)–why do you think this is?

Ebony: I think it’s because we all found ways that we connect, as opposed to ways that we didn't connect.  We always maintained a common ground between us

The Face: It must have been hard to get to the final four, but not be able to do the runway show at the end. What was your initial thought when you heard you weren’t going to the final challenge?

Ebony: Honestly, I was pissed off because it was such a surprise. But then I realized that I was relieved because, honestly, I was extremely tired. And, if I wasn't going to win, there was no point in getting my hopes up even more – even even though I know I kicked ass. But honestly Margaux, Dev and Zi are amazing and I am so proud of all of them :)

The Face: Is there anything (if at all) that you would have done differently along the way?

Ebony: I wouldn't change a thing.

The Face: What will you miss the most about being on The Face?

Ebony: I don't really miss anything about being on the show besides the girls mentors included and of course the behind-the-scenes staff. They were so fun!

The Face: What will you miss least?

Ebony: Childish drama. I would of stayed at the preschool if I wanted to see a temper tantrum everyday.

The Face: You were there for your kids, what did they say when they saw you on TV? That must have been exciting.

Ebony: Ha, its funny because my two year old is all boy and he’d rather play with his cars. My four year old daughter will only watch it for about 10 minutes then demands you change it to Disney. :) But I went there [The Face] for ME. I stayed there for my children.  

The Face: How do you think making it to the finale has affected or will affect your career?

Ebony: I think it will help me get more recognition.  Hopefully I can book a lot of maternity campaigns. I would so love that!

The Face: What are you working on now?

Ebony: Well because I am four months pregnant, I am rebuilding my portfolio and doing local work. There are a lot of things in the works for me and I'm excited to share them in time. Follow my Twitter @im_ebolicious and my instagram @Ebony_Olivia for updates.


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