Exit Chat With Sandra: 'I Am A Sweet Girl'

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Oh, Sandra. It's been a real rollercoaster ride for her on "The Face." From knock-down drag out fights with room and teammate Jocelyn to blow-ups with coach Naomi Campbell to oopsies wardrobe malfunctions, she's really provided us with a lot to talk about. But when it came down to the emotional contestant and soft-spoken Margaux in the elimination room, Karolina decided to go with the latter. We know you're dying to hear what Sandra has to say about her experience, so read on, after the jump.

The Face: You and Jocelyn were constantly fighting on the show—how do you get along now? I know you’ve been at some of the same events together.

Sandra: I don't pay Jocelyn any mind when we're at the same events. I do my thing she does hers. 

The Face: There must have been a lot going on between you and Jocelyn that wasn’t shown on screen, too. What did we miss?

Sandra: I felt like Jocelyn would antagonize mainly because she was bored and intimidated, but off-camera she would ask me for advice. So I guess she just needed help, LOL. Hey, the girl likes sharks, what more can I say.

The Face: Do you still keep in touch with Naomi?

Naomi is a busy women but we text often ... :)

The Face: So I’ve met Naomi once and I almost fainted. I can’t imagine openly defying her. What was that like for you? We’re all dying to know.

Sandra: I felt like I had to get my point across and at times that's can be mistaken for defiance. I'm just opinionated.

The Face: Looking back, what would you have done differently, if at all?

Sandra: Ignore myself more and keep my eyes on the prize.

The Face: What were you thinking when Naomi sent you in for elimination?

Sandra: I wasn't surprised. Naomi had a job to do, just like I did ... And I respect her decision ...

The Face: How did it feel when Margaux called out your behavior as “unprofessional” in front of Karolina?

Sandra: I'm not the type of person to point out people's flaws, but when she said that I felt like she wanted attention ... So I just ignored that comment!

The Face: What do you miss most about being on the show?

Sandra: Learning from Naomi was the best part. And winning of course. ;)

What do you miss least?

Sandra: What I miss the least is being misunderstood ...

The Face: You were featured pretty prominently on the show—what do you think is the biggest misconception viewers have of you? And what would you like us to know about the real you?

The biggest misconception is [me] being a bully/Ratchet et c... I am a sweet girl.... Ask about me. :) Besides even Beyoncé likes [a] ratchet. She has a song with Lady Gaga named after that word ;).

[Ed. Note: If you're like this writer who isn't up on what the kids are saying these days, please visit Urban Dictionary for a few definitions of "ratchet" and draw your own conclusion. And yes, there are rumors that Lady Gaga and Beyoncé are reuniting for a collaboration on the track "Ratchet."]

The Face: Tell us what you’re working on now!

Sandra: Always working on self improvement as we all should,Very excited about my future:):):);)

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