Exit Chat With Stephanie: A Lot Of My Friends Have Taken To Calling Me MakeLovin

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Aw, Stephanie. It’s been a true journey and we're glad to have taken it with you! The newbie of the crew survived three trips to the elimination room (two to face Queen Naomi, no less), but it was the double elimination the fourth time that did her in. But don’t count her out of the game—Coco sure hasn't. So here are Stephanie’s answers to all those burning questions you want to ask, including – couldn’t she tell that was a condom she was pulling out of that bag?!

The Face: So, the What’s in Your Bag challenge – we’re dying to know, couldn’t you tell from feeling the package what you were pulling out of the bag? 

Stephanie: I was super nervous about the whole challenge in general, so it wasn't until I pulled out the condom that I realized what it was! I just remember thinking, “Why. Me?!”

The Face: If you could do that test shoot interview again, what would you have done differently, if at all?

Stephanie: I think I would keep in mind that this is NOT a real interview, this was NOT actually in my bag and I need to just GO with it! I think I took it a little too seriously and didn't realize that I should just have fun with it! Also, a lot of my friends have taken to calling me MakeLovin, so clearly, this is an episode that I'll be trying to live down MY WHOLE LIFE.

The Face: You called Margaux “a little bit of a deadweight” – how do you feel you both worked as a team on the red carpet challenge?

Stephanie: I didn't really see what she did on the red carpet, but I think we worked well together on the interview with Wendy—seeing as she was throwing out some tough questions!

The Face: Which team do you think should have won the red carpet challenge and why?

Stephanie: Seeing as I wasn't actually on the red carpet with the other teams, I really can't say. I do think I personally did well, so I have no qualms about my final 'performance' and that overall, we had a strong team.

The Face: During the double elimination, Margaux pointed out that you were there to learn modeling while she was there to actually be a model. How did that make you feel?

Stephanie: I think as a rule, you shouldn't speak for other people or what they feel so to put words in my mouth and to do it with conviction, I thought was a little low and unexpected.

The Face: How did you feel about Karolina’s decision to save Margaux and send you home?

Stephanie: I think at this point, it was obvious Margaux was going to say and do whatever it took to stay and I had been in that room so many times that I didn't have the same passion to fight anymore. I appreciate the journey the show gave me and I really did try, but I think I really came to the end of the road and just let Karolina make the decision she felt was best.

The Face: You being the “newbie” model to the show was brought up quite a bit by the contestants and the coaches. What do you have to say to that now that you’ve made it to the second to last episode of The Face?

Stephanie: I think even though I didn't win, considering that this was my first audition ever and I had no experience, my drive and passion took me pretty far. This was a great competition and opportunity but I have my whole life ahead of me and plan to carry the same amount of resilience wherever I go! I've definitely learned a lot about myself and am proud that I never gave up.

The Face: So what will you miss the most about being on the show?

Stephanie: Even though it was a competition there were a lot of crazy/fun moments on set that I'll miss :).

The Face: What will you miss the least?

Stephanie: The stress! I think I was tense and on my toes the whole show just because I was trying to keep up so now that I'm out of that arena, it's a huge relief!

The Face: Team Coco still hangs out—that’s really cool! But you were the special team member who was Coco’s plus one to the Rachel Zoe runway show at New York Fashion Week. How did that come about?

Stephanie: I think that was more of a coincidence that I was the one to go. ;) But I'm glad I'm Team Coco. I think it was the right choice for me and it's been a lot of fun!

The Face: What are you working on now?

Stephanie: I've been talking with a few commercial agencies and I'm also working on my music which you can check out on my YouTube channel, Stephanie Lalanne, and see updates on my twitter and instagram, @oolalanne!



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