For Discussion: Wendy Williams' Thought-Provoking Question to Devyn

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

During an intense hot-button-question filled episode of "The Face" last night, Wendy Williams tackled a really important issue—you know, when she asked Devyn if it was "hard to be a black girl model?" and it snowballed from there. 

The full exchange, right here:

Wendy: Is it hard to be a black girl model?

Devyn: I don't really consider myself to be a black girl model. I mean, I know what my ethnicity is, but I'm fair-skinned and I feel like I have an international look.

Wendy: So you don't feel black.

Devyn: No, that's not what I said, whatsoever.

Naomi Campbell (in the wings): What the f*ck does she mean? That's a disgrace! She's a black girl.

While Devyn was probably nervous and under-pressure at that moment, it's still a thought-provoking topic for discussion.

Black models still face challenges on a regular basis, yet they've been making history for decades. Just look to icons including guest star Pat Cleveland, plus groundbreakers Beverly JohnsonGrace JonesImanNaomi Campbell (who was not pleased with Devyn's responses), Tyra Banks and Veronica Webb. Despite their successes, every black runway legend has been forced to face the same question Devyn did: "Do I identify as a 'model,' a 'black model' or both?

What's your take on the topic and on Devyn's response? We'd love to hear in the comments.

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