Interview: Nigel Barker Supermodel Whisperer

As the lone man and neutral host of "The Face," Nigel Barker has found himself playing referee amongst the self-admittedly competitive model coaches Naomi Campbell, Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha. Considering major resumés and strong personalities of the supes, we can only imagine what it was like acting as the Switzerland of the bunch. Nige is a charmer, but seriously, how did he handle all those tough negotiations?

"Part lion taming and part horse whispering.....," the fashion photog joked.

He kids, he kids.

"The reality is I was there to smooth the transitions and explain the process, not tame the supermodels," he continued in all seriousness. "Our coaches our the epitome of success and achievement within their worlds and it's gratifying to see there's not just one way to get there."

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