Jocelyn's Video Exit Interview: Karolina's Decision Was 'Strategical'

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Well, we had to know that Ms. "Tissues for Your Issues" wasn't leaving without a bang. After Karolina sent her packing, Jocelyn had a few choice words to say and some smack to talk before getting on that elevator. (Yup, she uses the words "Margaux" and "plateaued" in a sentence once again.) This is definitely a must-watch and we want to hear your thoughts in the comments!


Exit Chat With Jocelyn: ‘I Will Definitely Not Miss Living With 11 Other Girls’

OMG, Naomi Campbell Fills-in-the-Blanks for Episode 6!

Watch the Google+ Hangout with Jocelyn and Stephanie

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