Nigel Barker Smizes For The New Year's Day 'ANTM' British Invasion Marathon

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

The perfect post-New Year's Eve hangover cure? An drama-filled marathon of "America's Next Top Model": British Invasion on Oxygen from 10am to 12:30am ET/PT.The Brits versus Yanks season 18 is soooo addicting and the guest judges include celebs from both sides of the pond, including Kelly OsbourneKris Jenner and Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman. But time your breaks accordingly, so you don't miss the amazing half-hour "Biggest Baddest Model Moments" special hosted by "The Face" host Nigel Barker. So, in honor of this supermodel show of synergy, let's take a look at the hunky photographer putting his Tyra Banks-taught smizing skills to work.

Just to review, the Tyra-coined mash-up means to "smile with your eyes". There's even an app out to maximize your own ocular grin. But the ex-model turned TV star has no need for any technological assistance. He's got that smizing down like a well oiled machine, like above, with his dreamy peepers beckoning "How YOU doin'?".

The classic smize. Gets ya everytime.

Now here's the more inquisitive smize. Like something he'd pull out on a date. With you.

Oh, there we go: The side-smize.

The I-know-something-you-don't-know-smize.

And the come-on-are-you-serious?-smize.

And finally, the playful-smize. Time to peace out and get ready for the "ANTM" marathon!

"America's Next Top Model": British Invasion Marathon airs 10am ET/PT to 10pm ET/PT on Tuesday, January 1

"Biggest Baddest Model Moments" hosted by Nigel airs 10pm ET/PT on Tuesday, January 1 and 1:30am ET/PT, Wednesday, January 2.

[Photo credits: Walter Sassard for Oxygen Media]

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