Photobooth Tuesdays: Getting Goofy, Without Props!

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Okay, guys. The girls have gotten goofy in the photo booth aided by props (the beloved Connect Four is our fave so far) and hair (both faux and real). Now it's time to go minimal, as the ladies of "The Face" make the dorkiest faces they can for the camera—and still look drop dead gorgeous. 

Nice to see amongst all that drama, the girls can let loose. Plus, it's funny to see Devyn, Madeleine, Marlee, Brittany (aw, we miss you guys), Zi Lin, Ebony and Sandra pull those Coco-inspired pretty-ugly faces.

The girls get their googly faces and vogue-ing on. And hey, it's Christy!

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