'The Face' Fan Favorite Model Ranker: IT'S A TIE!

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Team Coco members Stephanie (still on the show) and Brittany (no longer on the show) have been duking it out for top Fan Favorite since we started and this week, there's something new: It's a tie! While Stephanie stayed steady at 25% from last week until today, Brittany fell two percentage points—but that still puts both at number one. Click through to see a couple other interesting developments.


While Margaux has stayed steady at 17% so far, she's slowly pulling ahead one point to 18%. Same with Zi Lin, while everyone else has stayed consistent. Maybe Margaux's fall during the bridal gown challenge gave her some points à la Jennifer Lawrence and Zi Lin has been doing pretty well in the competitions.

Well, let's see if tonight's heated episode changes any minds and percentage points. And remember to vote on your Fan Favorite right here!

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