'The Face' Fan Favorite Model Ranker: Recently-Eliminated Brittany Is Back On Top

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Brittany and Stephanie are still duking it out for the number one spot, well, online anyway. Even though she was cut in last week's episode, Brittany is the winner of this week's Fan Favorite Model Ranker with 25% (rising three points from 22% last week), while Stephanie (who's still on the show) fell from 25% to 22% this week. There are some other interesting observations, too, so read on:


Interestingly enough, Marlee, who left the show last week, is still going strong with 5%. Perhaps her decision to choose family over her chance at fame really resonated with you gusy? And another point to note, Margaux has a pretty loyal fan base, holding steady at 17% ever since we started.

But the bigger question: Who will be "The Face?" You can't control that, but you can vote on your Fan Favorite, right here. And don't forget to watch a new episode tonight at 9/8c!

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