'The Face' Model Guide To Valentine's Day

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

This is a big week, people. "The Face" season premiere is tonight (are you excited? We are!), Fashion Week is still raging and Thursday is Valentine's Day. Almost forgot, right? Or just procrastinating perhaps. Well, if you need a little inspiration as to how to celebrate a little love in a couple days, let's look to our young bright-eyed and yet to be jaded model contestants and man-of-romance, Nigel Barker. May we present, the Model Guide to Valentine's Day.

Let's start with Nigel, supermodel whisperer and PDA connoisseur:

Nigel's Favorite Valentine's Day Memory (TMI Alert!)

I have always loved Valentine’s Day ever since I was a young man—especially the idea that it is about secret love and surprising people. Obviously my wife is not surprised when we go out on Valentine’s Day or if I buy her flowers, so you have to up the ante! Personally, I like to cook a gourmet meal at home for her, give her a massage, make something special for her like a photo album and of course I get the flowers and chocolates too. I must be doing something right because both of my children were conceived on Valentine’s Day!

Nigel's Tips For Some Romance

You have to embrace romance. Many guys fight it, but I say enjoy the chase! For me, it's all about spontaneity and passion; doing things for your partner that are unexpected and unnecessary, but thoughtful and memorable. If you see something beautiful in a store that you know she would love, don't wait to buy it for her birthday or ask if she wants it—just go in and get it. Also, tickets to the ballet or the opera are always a winner, even if you can't stand either! Of course the small things make a difference too, like taking her shoes off after a long day at work and rubbing her feet. As they say: happy wife, happy life ...

That Crissy is a lucky woman, huh?

And for some young love, let's hear what a few of "The Face" model contestants have to say about their Dream Valentine's Day Date.


Well, I think my dream date knows who he is. ;-) I'm the kind of person who loves spontaneity. Maybe go go carting or play a sport. Maybe do some sort of arts/crafts and see a live band or a random road trip. I like surprises and I am always up for an adventure!


My dream date for Valentine's Day would consist of Arthur Fonzarelli picking me up on his motorbike and taking me to Arnold's Diner for a milkshake.


My dream date for Valentine's would be my boyfriend. The dream date would be something like pizza and Disneyland or skydiving. Something fun and exciting

Margaux Brooke

My dream date for Valentine’s Day would have to be Jared Leto and [Incubus lead singer] Brandon Boyd’s love child, if they had one, and he was miraculously close to my age. I’d want to start off with something fun and light hearted, like a round of paint ball or lazer tag somewhere, followed by dinner at some amazing restaurant like Church and State in downtown LA, and end the evening with an awesome show at The Greek, like The Black Keys or Radiohead, and of course seal it all with a V-day kiss!

[Jared Leto Photo Credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images; Brandon Boyd Photo Credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images]

Marlee Nichols

Call me crazy, but, I'm not big on the celebration of "Valentine's Day." In my opinion, if you truly love someone, you should treat them as if every day is Valentine's Day. As for my dream date, it would be my boyfriend, Chuck. I don't have any specific dream date scenario. We are both weirdos (at heart) and can have just as much fun hanging out at home as a night out on the town. :)

Sandra Woodley

I never had a Valentine's, it's up the street. I have a crush on a famous basketball player. He stands six feet and nine inches tall, a beautiful smile, is age 24, lucky number 35 and plays for Oklahoma City Thunder. His name is Kevin Durant. :) My dream date with KD is court side seats to one of his games with a dozen of red and white roses. After the game, a nice dinner at a five-star restaurant where ever the game is at. Go to a night club, listen to some good music. Ride to my hotel and leave with a kiss n a hug. :) That would be the best Valentine's ever!!

[Kevin Durant Photo Credit: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images]

Stephanie Lalanne

My dream date for Valentine's day is my boyfriend! Hope he surprises me :).


I think this should be guy's task to think about! Girls should enjoy it!

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