Urkel Is On Team Coco!

The "The Face: Challenge" on YouTube has officially had its zeitgeist moment. Children of the 90s, remember high-waisted pants and suspenders aficionado Urkel from "Family Matters"? Well, he's all dapper and grown up and totally Team Coco! Check out his video:

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Jaleel White has definitely left his Urkel days behind him, looking positively Nigel Barker-esque these days to host "Total Blackout" on SyFy. Kudos on the pocket square!

What other iconic characters from the 90s would you like to see walking for Team Naomi and gazing for Team Karolina? Lisa Turtle from "Saved by the Bell" was always strutting through the hallways of Bayside High like a supermodel, plus she was the style risk taker of her class (love those hats, Lisa!). And Kimmy Gibbler of "Full House" was always so expressive.

We're taking suggestions, and in the meantime, don't forget to enter "The Face: Challenge" on YouTube!

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