Winner Chat with Devyn: "Ebony was My Biggest Competition"

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Congratulations, Devyn! The Team Karolina member is officially The Face, but then you've been talking about that all night, right? Well, the very busy mom and face of ULTA Beauty took the time to answer some burning questions, to dish on her biggest competitor, and to question Nigel and Karolina's decision during that quick change challenge. Read on for the dirt!

The Face: You hadn’t won an individual challenge up until the finale, what were you thinking going into the runway challenge?
Devyn: Going into the runway challenge, in my head, I told myself that this is where I belonged. Wearing the Zac Posen collection, walking the runway with my was all such an honor so I really had no choice but to be happy. I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face and I knew that embracing that, the judges would see that I belong as well. I really just completely embraced the moment.
The Face: During that quick change challenge, you questioned Karolina and Nigel’s decision to give the win to Margaux. Looking back, would you have done anything differently (if at all)?
Devyn: Looking back at that challenge, I wouldn't have done anything different honestly. Something that my mother has taught me is that a closed mouth doesn't get fed. If you feel a certain way, voice your opinion. At least you can relay the way you truly feel and the worst thing that can happen is being denied your request. But at least you will always have the peace of mind to walk away from the situation knowing at least you said something. 
The Face: Who did you consider your biggest competitor on the show up until then?
Devyn: It's actually funny because during the whole competition I'd always been intimidated by Zi Lin, especially since she was also on Naomi's team on top of that. But toward the end of the competition I started to notice that my own teammate Ebony was my biggest competition in the final four.
The Face: You and Ebony worked so well together, how was it going up against her as the final four? What was it like saying goodbye to her before the runway challenge?

Devyn: Ebony and I have always had a great bond and we have always told each other through the competition that one of us had to win and both of us had to be in the finale. We both have the same drive and morals and both being mothers, we knew we wouldn't be satisfied without seeing one of us win. Seeing my baby girl leave was heart breaking, but I knew that because she was gone I had to make her proud. #teammommy lol.
The Face: So how did it feel when they announced your name?
Devyn: Words cannot explain how I felt. I just knew that I finally received full recognition for all my struggles that I have been thrown as a mom, a young lady and as a model. It's such a big weight taken off of my shoulders.
The Face: How has The Face changed your life?
Devyn: I will now be the face of the ULTA Beauty fall 2013 campaign. But there are some other things I definitely want to pursue, like creating a nonprofit for young moms out there. But the rest will be under wraps. I can't give you all my goodies, you will get a toothache! Just stay tuned and you will see.
This has changed my life so much. I can finally say I have a career and not a job. That is something that no one can take away from me.
Keep in touch with Devyn via Twitter: @xydevynxo


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