Anne V: Allison Looks Like a Big-Time Model. Now, Can She Act Like One?

By Anne V

Let me cut straight to the chase: Allison is a stronger model than Alana, and that's why I chose to keep her in the competition. Whether Naomi should have sent Alana into the elimination room in the first place is another question. It was Afiya, not Alana, who got Team Naomi disqualified from this challenge.

The client, jewelry maker Alex and Ani, described Team Naomi's commercial as "unusable" because Afiya badly mispronounced the name of its designer and founder, Carolyn Rafaelian. Making matters worse, Afiya blundered her lines so many times without delivering a single usable take that it killed the energy for her entire team.  

Still, I have to admit that I do understand where Naomi is coming from. While Alana is a beauty, I'm guessing Afiya is her favorite. Even though Afiya fell short on this challenge, she does have a lot of potential. It's hard to put a model up for elimination when you think she might be able to win the whole show. Naomi had a tough decision to make, and I respect that. It's just a shame because it wasn't entirely fair for Alana. 

As for Allison, what can I say? She looks like a model. In fact, it's not hard to imagine her as a face of a brand. But she needs to find the spark within. She needs to be more alive. She also needs to learn how to take criticism -- and fast!!! What's odd to me is that Naomi and I weren't saying anything mean. If Allison overheard us, she should have used the criticism constructively during the challenge. Instead, she became rattled. As a model, you have to work while people are criticizing you. You have to be flawless under pressure. You have to work while you're sick. Hell, you might even have to work after a loved one dies. Try smiling for the cameras then. 


Anne V


P.S. Congrats to my team. They were AMAZING! We are now officially on a roll!!!!

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