Anne V: I Hate to Boast, But My Team is Kicking Ass!!!!

By Anne V

First, the good news: Team Anne for the win! Again! My girls performed so well dancing in their video to showcase Liebeskind's new collection of bags. 
Tiana, as usual, was nearly flawless. She's been the most consistent model throughout each campaign. Trained in ballet, Tiana is very elegant and moves well. But it was Sharon who surprised me. I mean, she kind of knocked the ball out of the park. She gave great energy and naturally has good rhythm. She also really took my direction, following every single point about holding the bag and showcasing it. And since Sharon has a somewhat edgy look she fit Liebeskind's desire to find a model with a "rebel" vibe. Sharon deserved to win this campaign and go to Germany to work with Liebskind. It's an amazing opportunity. I'm so happy for her! 
The only model on my team who fell short was Khadisha.  She wasn't quick enough and couldn't understand what was being asked of her. This disappointed me because she could have done so much better. When we were doing the choreography, she was dancing very well. The girl can move! So much so that I was thinking we'd have to make the routine easier so the others could follow her steps. But when the cameras turn on something happens to her. It's as if she can't let go and open up. Khadisha has to overcome this or it will stunt or kill her career. She needs to get out of her head and start nailing some clutch performances. 
Allison is another one who has huge potential as a model but needs to step up her game. I think the root of Allison's problem on this show is that she lost her confidence. It's a shame because she's such a stunning girl. Out of everyone, Allison just looks like a model to me.  But she can't take criticism and didn't put in 100 percent. We asked her for more energy and we didn't get it. As a model, if you aren't feeling it, you fake it. You just get it done. Allison doesn't seem to be able to do that with any consistency. And while Felisa was also disappointing (lack of energy, unaware of the bag, cute but too soft), she's been doing better in the overall competition than Allison. I don't think we've seen everything Felisa has to offer. Felisa, prove me right! Allison, prove me wrong out there in the "real world."
Anne V
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