Anne V: Why I Chose to Save Ray and Eliminate Kira

By Anne V
Before I talk about how terrible it felt to have to choose between two gorgeous models and why I eliminated Kira, I have to give a shout out to my girls for winning their first team challenge! They were rock stars on the runway!! They listened to everything that I said. They were poised and focused, and they deserved to win. 
This isn't to say all my girls were perfect. (Although, to be fair, who would be strutting on top of a fully set dinner table?) While Khadisha did a solid job overall, I was bummed out because she walked too slowly. And Sharon doesn't quite feel like a typical runway model -- she's sexier and more voluptuous than most. Still, she handled herself super well.    
Tiana, on the other hand, is a natural on the runway. She has perfect instincts for posing and how to handle her body. She has just the right attitude, too. And it was impressive to see how quickly she mastered my lesson for kicking out a dress before taking each step so as not to trip. 
Winning was a major boost to our team's confidence. We needed it! 
Now, about that elimination… It was the most terrible feeling to have to choose between Ray and Kira. Both models are beautiful. Both are fighters in their own way. But when it came down to it I felt Ray deserved to be there more than Kira. Ray has a spark in her. She's like the little diamond in the rough. She's come such a long way in the first few challenges this season, and I want to see how far she's going to take it. 
As for Kira, I felt she was begging in the elimination room. She let her emotions get the best of her. I don't know exactly what happened between Naomi and Kira. Maybe there were communication barriers. Maybe there were personality differences. Whatever the case, Naomi seemed to be trying to teach her with tough love, and I don't think Kira was able to feel the "love" part. I also think Kira was cocky by acting like she was the best in the house, then she felt disappointed in herself for being eliminated early. 
It certainly hurt my feelings when Kira accused me of hating her. That's just plain silly. I wanted Kira on my team because she's a gorgeous model. I would never be so cruel as to hate her -- or anyone else -- for choosing to be on Team Naomi. It's a competition. You can't take anything personally. You gotta do what you gotta do. And unfortunately for Kira, what I had to do was let her go.
Kira, I wish you the best.
Anne V
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