Anne V: I Disagree With Eliminating the Strongest Models

Throughout this competition I've given my girls a ton of direction. But for the Fleur du Mal lingerie campaign I wanted Tiana and Sharon to have more freedom. In the "real world," they're not going to have a mentor who is always looking over their shoulder. They're not going to have someone saying, 'This is where you sit, where you look, where you put your hand.' As a model in the fashion industry, you get direction from photographers or directors but you also have to be able to make a picture yourself.

While I spoke up when things were going wrong, I didn't art direct every aspect of this campaign. Unfortunately, my plan backfired. First, Team Anne didn't give 100 percent. We gave maybe 70 percent. And I have no idea what Sharon was doing, which is unfortunate because she had been doing so well and had improved dramatically with every single campaign. In fact, Sharon had become the star of my team. You may have heard Naomi whisper to Afiya that Sharon was her biggest competition. Naomi was right.
Lydia could see it, too. In fact, she was very open about eliminating Sharon because she considered her stronger competition than Felisa. Look, I'm happy Lydia won this campaign. She deserved it. I liked her team's concept for the ad. I also liked the composition of the picture. And I felt genuinely happy Lydia got the chance to show she's a strong competitor and mentor. Having said that, I find it unfortunate Lydia wants her girls to compete against weaker competition. 
I would want my girls to compete against the strongest models. I want them fighting against the best. I know The Face is a competition within itself, and for that reason I have to respect Lydia's strategy. But the show is also about molding the next big thing in modeling. And having the best models competing against each other raises everyone's game.
Over the last two episodes, I've gone from three super strong models to one. While that's scary, I'm lucky to still have Tiana representing my team. She's been a standout competitor all season long. Now, I have no choice but to put all of my energy into helping her become an even better model than she already is. Watch out!
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