Anne V: I Have a Bone to Pick With Lydia Hearst

By Anne V

Before I get into how proud I am of Tiana's performance, I'm going to come right out to say I have a bone to pick with Lydia Hearst! I'm guessing our little tiff was rooted in Lydia taking offense that I told her she needed to step up her game as a mentor. I believe Lydia took it too personally. When I inquired as to why Lydia eliminated Sharon, her response felt almost rehearsed. It was as if she was getting back at me. Sharon had clearly been a stronger model on this show than Felisa. So as Sharon's mentor, of course I want to know why Lydia sent her packing. What I got back was not only an admission that Lydia's playing strategically, but a lecture about how I needed a reminder that she's my peer.

I wish Lydia would have judged me as a mentor, and would not have started a personal grudge match. I was honest with Lydia. I never pointed fingers. And I wasn't the only one who told her she needed to step up her game for the sake of her girls and the overall competition. But at the end of the day, her going at me like that made me feel even more competitive! Lydia is playing dirty. I don't like how she's playing, but it's a competition. I have to respect it. Now, I want to go even harder and win this thing.

As for Tiana, she did an outstanding job shooting Chopard. In the last few challenges, Tiana was playing it safe. She took herself out of her comfort zone for this one. And I feel bad she didn't win because of theĀ  "overly enthusiastic" delivery of the tagline. What viewers may not understand is that models deliver a line many times. If I'm doing a campaign and the client says be happy -- I'll go from a little smirk to way over-the-top happy. Clients often change their minds when viewing a range of emotions. I pushed Tiana to be more over the top in this campaign because she already has understated down. The supermodel coaches didn't edit the commercials ourselves, and I personally wouldn't have selected that particular delivery line. But, those are the breaks.

Lastly I'm grateful to Naomi that she kept Tiana over Amanda. She kept the girl who deserved to stay in the competition. In my opinion, the rest of the show is going to be more compelling because of this. And Fekkai is more likely to have the strongest possible models to choose from by the time we reach the finale. Go Team Anne (what's left of us)!!!

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