Anne V: It's Terrible That Felisa Quit!

By Anne V

The press conference for Frederic Fekkai was the most nerve-racking challenge for me yet. If Tiana didn't perform super well, there was a good possibility no one from Team Anne would be left for the finale. Our strongest competition was Ray, because she's so personable, young and adorable -- not to mention her makeover at the beginning of the season was Fekkai's absolute favorite. But in the end, Tiana killed it. She didn't succumb to the pressure at all. She was incredibly poised, articulate, and of course she looked stunning as always. I was so proud of her.

Now let's talk about Felisa. Ugh. What can I say? I think quitting was terrible. Just terrible. I bet she'll look back and regret it. As I told her in the elimination room, everyone has a bad day. The pressure completely unraveled her when she was up on that podium. But you know what's crazy? Felisa has solid communication skills. She is clearly a smart and well-spoken young woman. It's not hard to imagine her speaking on behalf of a brand. And if she didn't have potential, she wouldn't have been cast in this show in the first place, and she certainly wouldn't have made it to the penultimate episode!

It's infuriating that she came so close and then quit because she had one embarrassingly bad day. That's not how you make it as a model -- or as anything else, for that matter. You have to pick yourself back up and carry on to realize your potential. What's even worse, to me, is that Sharon went home so that Felisa could stay. It should have been Sharon at that press conference. I can only imagine how she would have charmed that audience.

I'm just thankful Tiana is going to the finale and has a shot at being "The Face" of Fekkai. She's been my strongest girl from Day 1. But modeling is like a lottery. You never know who's going to win, who's going to get the job. Clients have different tastes, and their tastes vary depending on the nature of the campaign. Whether Tiana wins or not, I gave her everything I could and she really took it all in. She'll have a strong career no matter what and I'm happy with that. But I also wouldn't mind eating the icing on the cake!!!! Root for us Wednesday at 8/7c!

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