Anne V's Premiere Recap: I Play Fair Through This Entire Competition

By Anne V

I'm not a scout. I'm a model. When I had to pick my own team for The Face, I was going beyond what I normally do in my profession. My strategy was simple: follow my gut. I looked for contestants who screamed out to me, who looked like they really wanted it. And I got lucky. Because all of the girls that ended up on my team -- deep down -- I really wanted. Especially Isabelle
But before I talk about her, I have to say I didn't feel Team Naomi deserved to win the "Girls Night Out" challenge. Naomi's girls could not hold their position in the display window. They moved around too much. Models need to hold their pose for as long as it takes for the photographer to get "the shot." But I also have to admit the selfie was a super cute idea. It was relevant. It made the client happy. And I have to give my hat off to Naomi. She's a great competitor. She knows this business as well as anyone. 
Now back to Isabelle. It may have appeared that I put her up for elimination based on strategy, thinking Naomi wouldn't kick off a strong contender at the start of the show. This is not the case. Not at all. I play fair throughout this entire competition. My philosophy is that the girl who deserves to be there is the girl who should be there. I picked Isabelle because the client told me she was the "least memorable." He thought she was the weakest member on my team.
I've had some time to think about why he may have felt that way. Maybe it was because Isabelle's character in the "Girls Night Out" challenge was boring compared to the others. Sharon looked like she was going out to a club, Tiana played the rocker girl, Khadisha was the sophisticated downtown type, and Isabelle had a more polished look. Her persona may have been too Upper East Side for Juicy Couture. Whatever the case, I listened to the client. 
I think it's a shame Naomi sent Isabelle home. She's a stronger model than Ray, and it would have been exciting to have kept her in the competition. In fact, I think Isabelle could have won this whole thing. She's a very beautiful girl. She's got a beautiful body. She's smart and she has great experience. She's driven and really wants it. She's also a good girl, very respectful. That's important to me. 
Our clients may have thought Isabelle was the least memorable, but I won't be forgetting her any time soon. I also won't be forgetting that we are now playing "hardball." Game on! :)
Anne V
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