Lydia: Ray Should Have Won this Week


I was disappointed that Amanda was eliminated. She was a strong model, and I have no doubt that she will go far in her career. I respect Naomi’s decision - this is a competition after all. She may be surprised with the decisions I make when it comes to my girls, but I am nothing if not honest with Team Lydia. It is important that my modeltestants understand why I made my choices.

It was quite disappointing to witness the modeltestant behavior on the hidden camera. The lack of professionalism and preparation for the upcoming press conference was VERY unimpressive. We are coming toward the end of this competition and there is no margin for error. These modeltestants MUST be at the top of their game at ALL times.

Being a brand ambassador and spokesmodel is a lot harder than it looks! One must be able to represent the brand in a positive light and bring good, solid energy to any and all press occasions and events. Whoever is going to become the Face of Frederic Fekkai must be knowledgeable about ALL products, the history of Frederic himself, and also be personable, relaxed and confident in conversation with the media. The winner of this competition must represent the overall image that is inherent to the brand.

Ray was the embodiment of coiffe du coiffe – perfectly imperfect. She impressed me with her brand knowledge and ability to comfortably engage the press. She was even able to coin a new nickname for Frederic Fekkai, “The Cassanova of Hair.” I am disappointed and surprised that she did not win this challenge. This just goes to show you that just because you say all the right things and put your best foot forward, you don’t always get the part. As I have said from the beginning, life and fashion are not “fair.” I just hope that Ray sees this as an opportunity to grow as an individual and takes the positives away from this experience.

Now, only three modeltestants remain. I hope that Ray is confident enough in herself and prepared to battle it out in order to become The Face.

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