Lydia: "I'm Done Nurturing"

I was THRILLED that Allison pulled through in Episode 4. She found her voice and regained her spark, and I wanted her to maintain her strength and succeed in the next campaign.  All my girls had to step it up or go home.

Team Lydia NEEDED to win – we couldn’t afford to keep losing! We lost four consecutive campaigns in a row and I was tired of it. I adore my girls, but they have no rhythm. It is crucial for them to step up their game and FOCUS.

I couldn't have been more excited about doing a choreographed viral video. I have rhythm and LOVE to dance, be spontaneous, act silly, and I also have no fear being embarrassed; I simply embrace every moment and opportunity as it presents itself.

I have done dozens of viral videos and used to be a cheerleader, so I was confident that (if my girls were up for the challenge) I could teach them a unique, edgy dance where they were able to showcase the Liebeskind handbags and impress the client. I am not a professional choreographer, nor have I ever had to teach someone how to dance before. The modeltestants were not the only ones facing a challenge here! I made up the dance and choreography on the spot. I thought: “if I can do it, my girls should be able to do it!”

But, I cannot do the job for them and they need to leave their issues and insecurities at the door and focus on the task at hand. YOU CANNOT DOUBT YOURSELF! If you are insecure and questioning your abilities, it will translate through the lens and in the video, and you will fail – it’s as simple as that.

Team Lydia has to understand that if you get stuck in your head and caught up in your own self-criticisms and judgment, you are not in the moment or allowing yourself the opportunity to succeed. I was trying to encourage my girls, but despite having survived elimination last week, Allison was AGAIN distracted.

I’m a firm believer in “go big or go home.” Amanda and Ray were responsive and working hard. They picked up the choreography quickly and were determined to win! Allison on the other hand, was being very negative and doubting her ability to do just about anything. If she performed in front of the camera the way she was performing for me, we were going to lose– I had no doubt about that. I kept trying to use positive reinforcement to help her, but I wasn’t getting through to her and it felt like I was wasting my breath. I was at a loss here…

When it comes to working in fashion, the one thing that you truly cannot be is insecure. I can’t teach courage, I can’t teach rhythm, and I’m beginning to wonder if my girls are simply not listening to anything I have to say, or just don’t care.  I don’t know what is going on, but Team Lydia cannot get it together.

I love a challenge. Going into this competition I could not have been more excited to put a team together of fresh young faces and help shape them into real, working models. But, to be honest, my selection of the youngest and greenest girls is proving to be a much greater challenge than I had ever imagined. We have now lost five campaigns in a row… The viral video is a disaster!!! My patience is wearing thin. I expect a lot from my girls, but maybe that’s that problem… My expectations are too high.

As far as I’m concerned, there is NO margin for error. If you fall out of line, you will get eliminated.

Anne’s video was great! She and her girls deserved this win. Team Anne did an amazing job and should be proud. Congratulations Team Anne V!

I was really upset at this point. It didn’t seem like any of my girls want to be in this competition. Allison cannot continue making excuses and must accept responsibility for being distracted and not performing: She cannot continue to blame everyone else for her failure. I had no choice but to send her back into the elimination room. She had so much potential going into this competition but somewhere along the way she lost it.

These girls think they want to be successful working models, but they are obviously not willing to work for it. It’s odd. It is as though they think they are going to be successful just because they’re on TV - but that is not how it works. My girls really need to pull their heads out of their asses and rise to the competition or face elimination. 

I'm done nurturing Team Lydia.

[Photo: Zev Schmitz]

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