Lydia: "I'm NOT Enjoying These Losses. NOT AT ALL"

Commercials and viral videos are a crucial part of modeling. To be successful and become a brand ambassador you have to be knowledgeable and well-versed in whomever it is you are representing. Alex and Ani is an American made positive lifestyle brand that is widely popular among today’s fashion magazines and fashionistas. For this commercial, there wasn’t opportunity for a lot of takes, so Team Lydia needed to flawlessly deliver EVERY TIME! To make it in the industry you HAVE to have more than just a pretty face, you have to have personality, versatility, a voice and you have to take direction. Team Lydia needs to work a lot harder if they want to win their first challenge and become The Face.

One approach that I used to instruct my girls is something that I personally use when doing films and commercials: The Meisner Technique of Repetition. Repetition is simple and a VERY helpful exercise when memorizing dialogue. It allows you to learn your lines more easily while confronting your self-consciousness. I wanted my girls to really listen to what they were all saying and be in the moment, and not pretend to perform; listen and allow the words to become like second nature and truthful. I hoped that by teaching my girls this technique they would get out of their heads and stop thinking about the dialogue and their movements. I wanted them able to speak freely and spontaneously as well as be more physically and vocally liberated. In order for Team Lydia to win this campaign my girls needed to embody the unique characteristics of the Alex & Ani brand as well as showcase the product and their brand knowledge.

[embed:render:file:342591:full]Whatever it was that Anne and Naomi are talking about is irrelevant. I was disappointed (and annoyed) that Allison was letting anything that anybody says get to her. This is an industry based on beauty, and you HAVE to be able to take criticism and realize that nothing in fashion is personal. Any negativity should be utilized to fuel your passion. Criticisms should be taken constructively. Allison needs to realize that if she is not up for the challenge and is going to be distracted by what anyone who is not her mentor or the director on set says, someone else would be more than happy to replace her. Allison NEEDS to learn to either focus or find another career. No one will ever be as hard on you as they are in fashion.

Ray really stood out in this campaign. Since the last elimination she has let down her guard and is now at the top of her game. Of all my modeltestants, she delivered a flawless performance each and every time, impressing not only me but the director. She is fast becoming the one to watch on my team, I hope she keeps it up!

While representing the Alex and Ani product and brand their unique personalities came through. They had the right message and delivered a flawless commercial. Unfortunately, I did not get to choose the winner...

This sucks. This was our FOURTH consecutive loss in a row. I’m NOT enjoying these losses. NOT AT ALL.

I agree that Naomi might have been strategic in putting up Alana. She could be protecting Afiya, but honestly, I probably would have made the same decision if I were her.  I may not always agree with the decisions made by Anne or Naomi, but I respect their opinions and expect the same consideration from them. Eliminations are always upsetting and deciding who goes into that room is NEVER easy. No one wants to see anyone go home, but realistically everyone is going to go home but one. I’m happy that Allison wasn’t eliminated!! But, she must drop the ego and insecurities in order to perform with consistency from here on out.

Let’s hope this is the last loss for Team Lydia!

[Photo: Oxygen Media/Tim Brown]

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