Lydia: "It's About Time Team Lydia Won!"

By Lydia Hearst

Lydia Hearst, The Face  

My mentoring is not a reflection of who I am as a model or how I perform on set. I do what I do and I love it! I have never had to put into words the inner workings of what transpires during a shoot and teach someone how my mind operates when the camera is on me.

I'm not a mind reader, if you have a question: ASK! If Amanda had misunderstandings or questions about anything I said, she should have raised them with me. Team Lydia is NOT communicating. All I get are head nods and “OK’s” but then they fall flat in front of the camera. I can only try to explain to Team Lydia how I would go about tackling any task at hand. How they interpret and use my advice is up to them. I cannot do the job for them. They are NOT doing themselves any favors by PRETENDING to know what it is I am saying - I’m trying to help. I cannot do that if they do not SPEAK UP. I think it is unprofessional and immature to not find your voice and ask any questions you have of someone who is trying to help you, and it is even worse to blame them for your ignorance and lack of understanding.

I don't believe in scaring or intimidating people into “respecting” me – Let’s be honest, nobody respects you for bullying them. I feel NO need to explain myself to anyone. I very much appreciate Naomi for speaking with me in private regarding Amanda and my team, but I am disappointed in Anne's lack of tact when she belittled me in front of the modeltestants.

Everyone thinks that I am nice, and I am! But, they had better NOT mistake good manners for weakness.

I was stunned that my girls are sitting around and not rehearsing or developing any sort of ideas for the lingerie campaign. BOTH Amanda (who narrowly survived the last elimination) and Ray are way too comfortable and confident after so many losses. They should have been discussing strategy and working on their poses, NOT laughing and catching a tan on the rooftop. This ends now!

Team Lydia is going to SCREAM

Amanda and Ray need to wake the f*** up! This is a competition. A loud, intense scream gets your heart racing, gives you a sense of release and leaves you feeling exhilarated and more in tune with yourself and your emotions.

You cannot fake sexy. This is an exceptionally challenging campaign. Posing in lingerie can sometimes be more difficult than posing nude, especially when you are working with male counterparts.

You have to make an instant and “sexual” connection with a total stranger while showcasing the lingerie in a tasteful, yet provocatively alluring way. THIS is where Amanda and Ray need to prove their confidence and skills.

It’s about time Team Lydia won! I am SO proud of both Amanda and Ray!!

However, I am SHOCKED that Anne put Sharon up for elimination. I really didn’t want to send Sharon home - I do like her, but this is a competition; she was the competition. 

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