Lydia: My Girls Need to Work On Their Walks!

By Lydia Hearst

I’m still heartbroken that Nakisha has been eliminated. My decision was based on what Frederic had said about her disconnect with the camera. If only she had found her voice before Naomi made her decision. I am still disappointed with how things have turned out, but I hope the rest of my team realizes that sometimes you only get one chance to make it in this business, and if you want to succeed, you have to fight.

Walking the runway is always challenging. The heels are high, the clothes are tight, the floor often slippery – but no matter what you MUST remain poised, elegant and showcase the clothes. On top of this, every designer may want something different from you - there is no such thing as a signature walk – it is important to keep up with what is current on the runway and each designer may request and want a different walk. All the girls need work on their walks – Team Lydia is no exception. For those of us who have worked the fashion world, we make strutting your stuff in 5+ inch heels look easy, but it isn’t. Catwalking is a skill: it requires balance, posture and technique – all of which are equally important and take time to develop. And, it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re comfortable, it if your job to effortlessly and elegantly showcase the fashions and not overshadow the designs.

Oh, how I wish I had more time to work with my girls on their walks…!

In Episode 3, the girls wore Pamella by Pamella Roland and had to walk on a dining table as their runway. It is actually not uncommon for something like that to happen. There was only a short time before the girls had to step out on the catwalk, and I really wish that I would have had more time to practice walking with my girls. This is a very difficult challenge, and being able to work the runway is EXTREMELY important in every model’s career. In a situation like this, you cannot “fake it until you make it,” you have to be confident and have strength. It is fashion, and it is a job, and if you want to work in this industry you have to love it. It is important to remember to breathe and have fun… It seems like my girls were not having fun and felt afraid. I needed all my girls to focus!!

Allison was the best walker on my team during the campaign. She is confident and beautiful, and she has consistently performed during each campaign. Still, I would just like to see a little more from her, something that would make her more memorable and to stand out in each clients’ mind.

While Amanda walked the runway she reminded me of a young Eva Herzigova – though the client thought she looked like Marilyn Monroe (which is quite frankly a flattering criticism). Pamella thought Amanda was “too sexy,” which is something that comes naturally to her as she is young and vivacious; but I have to admit that she held her own and did a fabulous job. She is strong, confident and beautiful. I can see her transformation and that she is growing as an individual and a model, and I’m impressed.  Of course, there is always room for improvement – and as the competition continues we need to get her to tone down the sex appeal!

If you’re stuck in your head, or worried about your steps and ensemble, it will show across your face. It will make you stiff and appear uncomfortable – it’ll be a disaster. Unfortunately this is what happened with Ray. Poor Ray is a VERY awkward walker, she looks like she has never walked in her life. There is so little time and so much mentoring to be done! Ray needs to step up her game if she wants to remain in the competition. In fact, ALL my girls do! Team Lydia needs to be stronger and my modeltestants need to stop doubting and second-guessing themselves. I knew I had to start getting tougher and being a stronger mentor to get through to my team.

Team Anne won the challenge. I would be heading into the elimination room for the third time and I was NOT happy about it. I honestly did not know what I am going to do. I did not want to lose any more of my girls.

I chose Ray. I wanted her to remember how badly that she wants this. Out of all the girls there, Ray could benefit most from being in this competition -- but she needed to be up for challenging herself. At this point she was letting her fear take over and was getting stuck inside her head, when I needed her to relax and trust her instincts and be up for whatever challenges might come next. I knew that she wanted to be here, but I could see the self-doubt written all over her face while she walked the runway. If Ray is going to remain in this competition she needs to gain back her confidence. I believe that Ray is fully capable of winning this competition, but she NEEDS to regain her strength. 

[Photo Credit: Oxygen Media/Tim Brown]

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