Lydia: "Ray Is on the Cusp of Greatness"


Lydia Hearst, The FaceIt’s hard to believe that we have reached the end. It seems like it was just yesterday the modeltestants were strutting their stuff on the catwalk and Naomi, Anne and I were selecting our teams and starting our mentoring. The entire competition has come down to this moment.

I am impressed to see how much all of the modeltestants (especially the final 3) grew so much during the course of this show. 

Mentoring was more challenging that I had ever expected. 

I learned from passionate and kind instructors and it seems odd to have to yell and "intimidate" to see results. In real life people write you off; they don't waste time intimidating you to gain "respect" and to get you to do your job. You are expected to perform or go home.  In the real world you either are capable of doing the job or you get fired. 

What surprised me the most was that these girls had to finally be yelled at to learn. It is almost as if they didn't take it seriously until I did that. I am passionate about my career and love what I do. Most people aren't trying to make you learn, they are expecting you to learn. In the real world people don't help you, they expect you to get it together in a hurry. No one was there to mentor me, so I had to make adjustments and look, listen  and learn myself. It is disappointing that some girls didn't take full advantage of the process - even acted like it was a game. And in turn those girls were eliminated quickly and it makes me wonder what they were doing in this competition in the first place. 

I hope that I was able to instill, not just in Ray, but all my girls on Team Lydia that success doesn’t come from playing it safe, being embarrassed, looking silly or fearing rejection. Success comes from being consistent, prepared, focused and courageous.

Go-sees are EXTREMELY important for ALL models. Ray did very well meeting with Frederick. She is friendly, courteous and knowledgeable about the brand. 

I am of course disappointed that Ray is not The Face. Failure is a state of mind, not all of the modeltestants can make it in this industry - but just because they didn't make it on the show also doesn't mean they will not have a successful career. It is entirely possible that some of these girls have learned enough to either know that they do not want to work in fashion, or have acquired enough of a skill set to move forward on their own. 

Ray is young (she’s only 18) – perhaps too young for the Fekkai brand, but in terms of the longevity of her career her youth works to her advantage. 

Ray is on the cusp of greatness. She has transformed from a rookie into a real model and is discovering who she wants to be. This competition has been challenging and Ray has endured all the hardships and I believe that she will be able to attain her dreams.

Ray, you are an incredible young woman. Always remember that YOU are in control of your life. ALWAYS keep moving forward, despite any and all challenges, and live the life you really want to live.

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