Naomi Campbell: If Anne's Playing Hardball, I'm Playing Hardball Back

By Oxygen

In this sneak for next week's episode, Afiya Bennet says what's on everyone's mind: "Are you kidding me? Ray is the least experienced person in this competition. And she's back?" Not only is Ray inexperienced, but Naomi Campbell chose her to stick around over Isabelle Bianchi, whom Nigel Barker says could have been "a major contender." 
So what's the reason for Naomi's decision? Clearly, she believes Anne V was "playing hardball" by putting up for elimination one of the strongest girls in the house. But Anne says she wasn't being strategic at all. In fact, Anne insists that she plays fair throughout the entire competition and only put Isabelle up for elmination because the client singled her out as the weakest. Either way, the gloves are off. Round 2 airs Wednesday at 10/9c.
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