Nigel: "All Three Girls Looked Breathtaking"


We’ve made it to the most important episode of the season! The final runway show was set in an incredible location in an old Gothic cathedral in uptown Manhattan. There were nerves all around! Everyone could feel the intensity in the air.

But first, the remaining three girls had to compete in their final photo shoot. It was very intimidating for them: not only was Frederic Fekkai standing right in front of them, but so was Gilles Bensimon, one of the most legendary photographers of all time. This shoot was a way for Frederic Fekkai to see everything the girls have learned all come together. It was a very simple shot. No nudity, no male models…they were just against a white wall, and the shot was focused purely on them from the shoulder up. It’s a hair shoot that is going to extend into a full-on advertising campaign, and Frederic Fekkai is directing it. It couldn’t be any more real than this.

You could really see how much Ray transformed this season. She looked incredible in the photo shoot. As did Tiana, who had a striking look. She has short hair, which may seem like a disadvantage in this campaign, but for Fekkai it’s more about an effortless beauty and the personality that comes through. Afiya also looked striking in her photograph. Frankly, all three of the girls looked breathtaking. All around it was an exciting morning and photo shoot.

Then it was down to the wire on the runway shoot!

Tiana had a really striking walk. She came out and looked amazing. Fekkai wasn’t keen on her hairstyle, but luckily for her, he has also worked with her and knows it’s just another style. Ray walked and looked a little shaky. However, Fekkai likes her, so he often forgives Ray. People are attracted to her imperfections. However, Afiya had the best walk bar none. She had a lot of power in her walk. But, the expression in her face was almost too serious. It was almost like she was walking for Naomi Campbell, not for Fekkai.

Honestly, I thought for the longest time that Fekkai was going to choose Ray. But, he’s also a businessman. He knows that the model he chooses is going to have to go to represent his brand, and ultimately, Tiana won him over.  Was she the right choice? Yes, for Fekkai. I think the choice of the client is always the correct one, because they know their brand. The other girls may have been perfect for different clients. While everyone might have their opinion, this isn’t a reality show where people get to vote! If Anna Wintour wants Kim and Kanye on the cover of Vogue, it’s up to her. It’s her magazine!

I do wish Tiana all the best. She is an extraordinary model who really transformed. That’s the important thing: she needs to continue on her route of transformation. The most successful models are always improving, changing and growing. If you stop, it’s all over. If she is able to do that and continue to bring out her personality, she will be a great success. 

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