Q&A with Anne V: "It's Going to Be a Very Emotional Season"

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From Sports Illustrated to Vogue to Victoria's Secret, Russian supermodel Anne V has graced pretty much every important magazine cover on the planet. But on Season 2 of The Face, we'll getting to know the real woman behind the poses. Anne will be mentoring models for the first time, and she promises plenty of laughter, tears, drama, and surprises in the process. Read the full interview with Anne V below! 

What made you say want to become a judge for Season 2?

I know how important guidance is to achieving success in the modeling industry, and the challenges on The Face…honestly, they’re not ridiculous challenges.  They are representative of exactly what’s happening in the modeling industry. And just like in the industry, there’s always going to be someone you work with who you can’t stand!

How long have you known Naomi Campbell?

I actually just met her two days before we started shooting! But I have looked up to her my entire career.

What do you think viewers should look forward to the most this season?

The fights? [Laughs] Well, I think the mix of the coaches is so interesting because the three of us are such strong characters. We really care about our girls, and we have different mentoring techniques. Our chemistry all together is so exciting and different, and nothing that I think people have seen before. Nigel has a bigger part too, and he’s so fantastic. And I think the contestants are so amazing. We have such a kind of big pot of different personalities: different looks, different ethnicities. It’s going to be such an exciting season.

Are we going to learn a lot about you?

I think people will actually see who I am, because I don’t think that my fans know exactly who I am. I am very raw and serious, and I love my girls. I believe in them. I will push for them through anything, and I will support them. We will laugh and hug and sometimes we’ll cry, and I’ll be mad – and you’ll get to know the real me!

Seems like it’s a really emotional season!

It’s going to be a very emotional season. I probably cry every episode! As difficult as it is for the contestants -- for us, I’ve never really had a role of a mentor before. It’s quite amazing when your girls look up to you and they’re so thankful that you’re their mentor. It really means a lot, and it’s scary sometimes.

What does it take to make it in the modeling industry?

The same things it takes to make it in life in general. There are going to be ups and downs. The road to longevity is not easy. But you have to be professional. That means taking the job seriously, you can't arrive late, and you can't have a bitchy personality. You have to be nice. Models work 12-20 hour days. Any girl can be replaced at any time. You have to have the attitude that ‘I am not better than anyone.’   

What models are you inspired by?

Women like Heidi Klum and Cindy Crawford. They are not only great models. They are also supermoms, super-humanitarians, and superwomen. They inspire me because sometimes you need to have unreasonable dreams. I want the impossible.

Were you surprised by who wound up standing out on the show?

Yes! Well, in general, in fashion, you never know who’s going to stick around! You think some people will be stars and they disappear, or vice versa, but at the end of the day, our business is all about people who are professional and nice. And also, you have to be really lucky. Yoy have to be at the right place at the right time. All of this is true on The Face, and you really never know what is going to happen. It's going to be a really great season. 

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