Q&A with Lydia: Let the Games Begin!

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Just two more days until the premiere of The Face Season 2 (airing Wednesday at 10/9c!), and the supermodel coaches can't wait to show their stuff! We chatted with Lydia Hearst on set to find out what kind of mentor she is, what hopes she has for the girls on her team, and how she feels about her rival coaches. Calm down everyone, she's a professional! Scroll down for the full Q&A, and watch a premiere Sneak Peek below!

What made you want to get involved on The Face? 

Well I was a huge fan of Season 1. Due to a scheduling conflict I couldn't be involved in it, but I watched it! I absolutely adore Naomi. For the second season, when it came around again, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of, and I couldn’t wait to meet the girls.

So, what kinds of drama should we look forward to?

You know it’s really about the girls, and I have nothing but love and respect for Anne and Naomi. It’s all in good fun. But, it is a competition, and may the best supermodel win. I cant wait for the show to get started!

What is your experience with mentoring?

I have not taught modeling before, but I've learned a lot through my experiences in the last decade. It’s been quite an adventure. I think everyone has had their ups and downs, and that's really what makes you who you are today in the industry. There is a reason why the three of us are where we are, and that the girls came to learn from us. I hoped in this competition not only that I could do a good job and that one of my girls could become The Face of this competition, but that they will also go on to become the face of other brands.

Do you have a teaching approach that we'll get to see during the show? 

I'm definitely a bit of a tough love! I think I come off as very sweet in the beginning, because I do have a gentle heart.  But I'm tough when I have to be. I expect the girls to work hard and do their best, just like I do mine. 

Watch the premiere Sneak Peek and get to know the model coaches!

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Tune into the premiere of 'The Face' Season 2 airing Wednesday, March 5 at 10/9c! 

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