Susie Says: These Boots Were NOT Made for Walkin'

By Susie Castillo

Lydia Hearst has arrived and the claws are out, y'all! I’m really digging her newfound badass attitude! Anyone else with me on this? I always love seeing women stick up for themselves, but I didn't realize Lydia could bring it like this. Turns out, she's one tough cookie. After the Chopard episode, it's clear she'll need that tenacity if she wants to take on Anne V. I like the change, Lyds! Keep it up!

Now let's get to the challenge…

Guys, speaking from experience, walking the red carpet in 5-inch heels is no easy task. I'm not too proud to admit I've taken one (or a few :/) spills over the years. So when Nigel announced that the girls would have to run in 10-inch heels, I cringed. That’d be a guaranteed disaster for me, but I must say, watching from my couch, that made for some amazingly entertaining television!

Okay, can we talk about Tiana? Her continuous spills in those ginormous heels for realzies made me queasy. It felt like at any moment she might fall, crack her head and be out of the competition. But hey, anything in the name of fashion, right? Thank GOD they gave her those new heels to run in. Sadly though, her delivery of the Chopard lines at the end of her fashion film was not so bueno. It seems Anne V was at least partly to blame for last night’s loss since she pushed Tiana to deliver the line way over the top.

Next up: Afiya. I suspect you guys are with me when I say that I don’t know whether to “high five” her for giving Naomi hell or Judo-chop her for being a spoiled brat. Buuuut I'm thinking I'd "high-five" her because Naomi is without question the most feared mentor on the show. Standing up to the Queen Bee takes some serious cojones! Hmm…I wonder if Lydia's been giving Afiya private lessons in badassness? ;)

Now guys, it pains me to admit this, but I was wrong about something this week. It doesn’t happen often (said my husband never), but I’ll own up to it: I think Tiana is one of the most promising models on the show, so I was SURE that Naomi would send her packing the first chance she got. This is why I don't gamble, party people! Once Team Anne lost the challenge, with Tiana being her only girl to put on the chopping block, I thought it was over for my sweet Tiana. To my surprise, Naomi kept her in the competition!

In the end, it was Team Lydia that lost a member when Amanda was kicked to the curb. Can't say I'm too shocked -- I thought she had the weakest performance in this week's challenge. Bummer, she's a gorgeous girl. Let's all wish her well and hope she lands on her feet wherever she goes next. Milan? Paris? New York? Los Angeles, perhaps? Come out west Amanda! I'll take you to my favorite yummy cafe and you can give me the REAL behind-the-scenes scoop on the other girls and of course those amazing Supermodel Coaches!




Susie Castillo is an Oxygen on-air and digital personality. Follow her social accounts. 

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