Alex on The Glee Project 104

I felt great about this week’s theme – “Dance-Ability”. I have rhythm and I can dance, so I was ready.

Performing “Hey Soul Sister” for Harry Shum was strange because he is this amazing dancer and all I am is the musical theater kid that dances in shows.

The hardest thing for me this week was focusing on the work and trying to not concentrate on the pain my body was feeling and my desire to be home.

About the challenge drama this week, I want to clarify something. I never said I was throwing away the challenge. I just said I went in with the mind set of not winning. I don't think that's throwing the challenge; I still danced and gave it my all. I just think everyone deserves to win a homework assignment.

The “Can’t Touch This” music video shoot was one of the hardest shoots so far. I just felt so distant the whole time because everything was going wrong for me that day.

Being in the bottom three was strange. It was a plummet; I was on top for the first few weeks. Dropping down that fast was like… “wow”. It was also scary because Ryan Murphy is very honest.


I have no idea why the song “I Will Always Love You” was chosen for me but I love it and it was kinda a nice that I didn’t have to scream.

I really don't know how I feel about McKynleigh leaving. When she was here it was like she wasn't here at the same time. I'll miss her because she kinda lightened up the mood though.

See what McKynleigh had to say about being eliminated here, and watch her extended exit interview here.

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