Alex on The Glee Project 106

I was scared about this week’s theme because I didn't know what the word meant, so I didn't know what was gonna happen. I was excited about the homework assignment, but I didn't know that song lol.

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I really liked the mash-up of “Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby”, and I was ready to go back to group numbers. The dance was a little hard this week… Fat kids were not made to do floor work. Hahaha but I think I did okay.

Being slushied over and over again wasn't a feeling that I ever want to feel again. It's like going outside in the winter and falling in snow naked. This helped me learn that tenacity means just going through all that's thrown at you... literally.

I was scared when I found out I was in the bottom three. I mean, it was like my third time... I couldn't take the pressure. But as soon as the mentors told me that I was going to be singing “And I Am Telling You”, I was like “Yes!!! There might be hope for me.” But it hurt when Marissa was eliminated. I love her and I know that she just had a rough night. She's was the third angle in Charlie's Angels; Emily, Marissa, and I.

Click here to see what Marissa had to say about being eliminated.

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