Alex on The Glee Project 107

I was very excited for this week’s theme – “Sexuality”. It’s something that I've always had to face in my life and I kinda know how to be sexy. LOLs.

Working on “Like a Virgin” was great. I love that song... it was soo fun. It’s probably the most fun I've had on the show in a while.

Sam was a great partner it was fun to get to work with him on “Teenage Dream”. Even though he’s straight, I thought he did a great job playing gay.

When I found out I was in the bottom three again I was just like wow... I can't get a break! I felt like there was nothing I could do right in this competition.

When the judges told me that I could be over the top flamboyant I was just like “Okay, and I know that I am because it’s just a habit of mine that I need to grow out of”.

At the time I didn't think I deserved to be in the bottom three, but they gave me the things to fix and I soo I guess I did.

This week I learned to tone it down and not be so over the top... less is more.

When Cameron said he was leaving the competition I was just beside myself. I don't like seeing anyone go home and respect that it was his decision, but I really didn't approve of it at all. I think he should have stayed.

Click here to watch Cameron's extended exit interview.

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