Alex on The Glee Project 109

I didn’t know what to think when I saw that this week’s theme was “Generosity”. What were they looking for? I just didn’t know. I was soo excited for the homework assignment though! I love “Lean On Me”. It’s an amazing song. I really gave the song my all, so I was upset when I wasn’t picked as the homework winner.

By this point, I figured we were going to work with either kids or seniors for the music video, and I was so excited when Nikki brought in the kids because I love kids!! I adored working with Algeria! She is so talented. She really inspired me. She has the power and drive to learn music even though she doesn’t have the resources. It’s incredible.

Working on the music video for “Sing” was different than working on the other music videos because I wasn’t just trying to do my part. I was also trying to make sure the kids were comfortable and that they got a chance to shine.

When I found out that all four of us would be giving a last chance performance I was actually relieved. Knowing that everyone would be singing for Ryan was comforting. But it was stressful to learn that Zach and Robert wouldn’t be there to fight for us, especially considering that Ian Brennan would be judging us along with Ryan. I mean, two writers of the show?? The pressure was on.

I felt strange when I was assigned “His Eye is on His Sparrow”. It’s always been a depressing song for me because it was sung at my dad’s funeral, but I guess that’s okay. I really connected with it.

When I found out that all four of us were called back I felt so incredibly blessed! TOP 4!!!

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