Alex on The Glee Project 110

I wanted to end the competition with a bang.When I heard that “Gleeality” was the theme of the finale, I was like I could have called that. I mean why wouldn't that be the last theme? It makes so much sense! And “Don’t Stop Believin’” was perfect, it fit right in with the theme and its basically Glee’s theme song.??

When Ryan stopped our performance for the homework assignment, I was like OMG what did we do wrong? I thought he was going to tell us to just forget it!

“Raise Your Glass” had to be the perfect song for the video of the finale. I was pumped!!!! I love that song!!!??

I was so glad we got to pick our final last chance performance songs. I knew this was my chance to pick a song that I can show Ryan I can be a Diva and also show that softer side of me. I chose the song “I’m Changing” from Dream Girls for a few reasons. This was the song that has every emotion in it! Whether it be happy or sad, and it really showed my more emotional side. I wanted to end the competition with a bang so I decided to perform in drag!??

When I finally got on stage and saw everyone sitting there to cheer us on in the audience, I was so excited to see them all! It showed how much they really want to support us!

When Ryan told me that I didnt win the Glee Project, I was upset but at the same time I felt happy because I gained so much throughout the whole competition.

When Ryan announced that Sam had won, I was happy for him. He wanted this more than anything in his life and anyone with that much passion deserves to get what they want. Then, Ryan said that Damian also won, I was shocked, but I kind of saw it coming. And I was really happy for him.

I thought it was over, and then he said to me and Lindsay, You guys get something too! I had no idea what he was going to say, but when he told us what we won I was ecstatic!!! I didn't think that was coming. I also felt a good amount of relief because all that hard work I put in paid off!! I cant believe I get to be on a show that I love with people that I look up to.

From being on The Glee Project, I learned how blessed and fortunate I am. I also learned how hard work always pays off, and how much you can learn from other people. Im going to miss everything and I can't wait to work on Glee!
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