Bryce on The Glee Project 101

I felt like I was getting kicked out of the family.When I saw who the top twelve contenders were I wondered what common trait we all shared. What was the one thing about us that caught Ryan's attention? It was hard, because we’re all so different; each of us has something very unique about them, so I guess that must be it.

Matheus really is a firework. He's a small package but he has a big burst! McKinley has this sweet, pure country sound coming out of this unexpected package. Sam is every rock star there ever was rolled up into one; he's quirkier then you'd think and he doesn't fit any stereotype. Cameron is this quiet nerdy heartthrob with this big soulful voice. Marissa has this great R&B voice and smoking presence. And she's very witty. Damian is the Irish charmer with the great baritone. Emily has this confident pop swag with a New York attitude. I think Alex has the widest range in the competition. He's brave and he's always fully himself. Hannah's voice can never be mistaken for anyone else's. She sings like she smiles and laughs. Ellis is a great jazz singer with an affectionate personality. Lindsey is a phenomenal performer who reminds me of the princess in every Disney movie.

This season you'll see me trying to balance what the camera needs from me with who I am. You’ll also see me trying to see myself the way I am now instead of the chubby kid I used to be.

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During dance rehearsal I felt like Zach was picking on me. At the time it seemed like he was singling me out as an example of what not to do. I'm usually the first to laugh at myself, but with Zach I felt disliked. He didn't joke or laugh with me like he did with everyone else, which kind of hurt my feelings. I didn’t mean to undermine Zach’s decisions on the music video, but looking back now I can see how he must have felt like I was challenging him, which is probably why he said he had issues with my attitude.

My favorite part of the homework assignment and the Firework music video shoot was shooting the confetti grenades and dancing around with everyone at the end of the video. And also watching Matheus sex up the camera with his shoulder slide :)

As a singer with a lower voice there were challenges I had to overcome. Singing songs originally performed mostly by female artists meant that I had to stretch myself to hit high notes but it definitely helped me to improve my range.

When I had just a couple of hours to prepare a song to keep me on the show, it felt like I was trying to learn a song, that’s out of my range, inside a burning building. I think choosing the song “The Way You Are” for me was Ryan's way of finding out if I could sing the songs that he needed me to sing. It's not what I was used to and it was definitely challenging. Then actually singing for Ryan Murphy was like singing for the "Wizard of Oz". A god-like man I've heard about but never seen and then finally coming face-to-face with him. When he told me to inspire him part of me was excited and part of me wanted to tell Morpheus to just gimme' the blue pill so I could leave.

When I saw that my name wasn’t on the callback list it felt like I was getting kicked out of the family. I felt like I was adopted and then orphaned all over again.

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