Cameron on The Glee Project 103

I honestly wasn’t expecting a second chance so to get one was the best feeling.I wasn’t exactly sure what was going to be asked of us when I heard that this week’s theme was "vulnerability." I just knew it was going to be an emotional time for everyone. I was ready.

The music video shoot this week was completely different from the other two, because this wasn’t about the flashy lights or dance numbers. It was simply about opening yourself for others to see, which was very hard. The most difficult part for me was figuring out exactly what made me vulnerable. It was tough because everyone had serious things to work through, and I never had a hard childhood. I obviously didn’t want to make something up for people to latch on to, so I decided to be honest and say "you know what, I don’t have a lot of things wrong with me" but some part of me will always be insecure.

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It was really odd to have a huge sign plastered on you, walking around in front of hundreds of people. Not that I cared what they thought, It was just intimidating to have something important to you strapped to you for everyone to see. I can’t imagine what Hannah and Alex felt wearing their signs. Mad props. It did feel good though to kind of truly step outside my skin, and show people what makes me tick.


Being in the bottom three was absolutely miserable. There’s no real way to describe it. I looked at in two ways though. First, it was an incredible honor to sing in front of Ryan Murphy even under the circumstances. It’s an audition of a lifetime. But on the other hand, you’re one performance away from going home and the thought of that just weighs on you like a cloud. Damian and I both say we’ve lost five years of our lives being in the bottom three.

I was so happy to sing "Your Song." My parents were great and opened up all different kinds of music to me and Elton John was one of them. Although I didn’t know the whole song, I did know some and that gave me a great sense of relief. When Ryan told me I didn’t have enough emotion it stung. I like to think that when I perform I run ONLY on emotion. There’s no other way to do it. But I realize that performing for an audience and performing for a camera are different. Jumping around won’t always sell it, but I still felt like I did a great job.

I honestly wasn’t expecting a second chance so to get one was the best feeling. To know you survived Ryan Murphy was like an elite club. I was preparing myself to go home, so you can understand how shocked I was. Apparently he saw something in me to keep me, and I was thankful for that.


I really didn’t expect Emily to go home. I thought it was me or Damian for sure. Emily is such a firecracker and we definitely missed her presence. It shows though that no matter what you've done in the past, all Ryan sees is that performance and you better bring it.

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