Damian on The Glee Project 101

My favourite part of the homework assignment was its freshness, and the sense that this is the beginning of an incredible experience and journey. Also, seeing Darren Criss was pretty amazing!! The music video shoot was just surreal. I was very taken aback by it all, and to be honest, struggled to really settle in. Things like this, at this magnitude, don't happen in Ireland and that is a fact!! So it was just incredible.

Living with all the competitors is certainly interesting. I am so used to having time to myself. I need it! It keeps me ticking. So not having that is tough, and living with people I have just met is very difficult for me. Some are definitely easier to live with than others, but in general it's a lot of fun. Any gossip that happens, I sit back and watch. I don't get involved with that. I have better things to do... like lay on top of my bed!!!!!!!!!!

I think my culture and unique style will help me in many ways in future challenges. I am very much a person that loves a challenge, and in Ireland, we are never spoon fed. Were expected to be very independent and do things ourselves. Also, I think with the experience of Celtic Thunder in my back pocket, I should be able to cope with the stress and work that is required from me. Finally, I think my humour, and ability to not take things too seriously should also help me through this competition.

I have no idea why the song Jessies Girl was chosen for me. I'd never even heard of the song. When Robert told me what song Id be singing, my initial thought was, "Do you have a laptop to book my flight home? Preferably Belfast rather than Dublin." I was in a state of shock. I wasnt particularly surprised that I was in the bottom 3, because I simply struggled to settle, and it's very intimidating being 8 thousand miles away from home fighting my own battles. So getting Jessie's Girl just topped off a really tough week.

Having just a couple of hours to prepare a song to keep me on the show was the toughest challenge I have EVER faced. Everything was so fresh, and I was scared, nervous, and worried because Elis and Bryce are incredible competitors. I doubted my own ability to learn the music and lyrics and put a performance together all in the space of 2 hours. On top of all of that, to then perform for Ryan Murphy.....The creator of Glee???....It was truly terrifying.

Performing for Ryan was scary. I found him so intimidating. I really did. I have performance experience, but there is not enough of that in the world that can prepare you for that one performance. I was thinking....."Jessie is a friend"....trying my best to remember the words!! It was just mental...never again!!!!!!!!!!

I need to up my game, BIG TIME!! I have to strip myself down from the performer that entered and put that in my back pocket. I know that performer like the back of my hand, and now I have to build up a second performer in me. One that is good enough for the biggest TV show in the world. But whilst building that performer, I have to save myself -- to give me some more time to do it. It's gonna be incredibly tough...incredibly. Oh... and I have to work on dancing... yeah... HA!!!!!

Bryce being eliminated was very sad. Watching the guy break down in the choir room in front of me, really hit home. He wanted it so bad. We all do. But Bryce is so talented. He has a bright future ahead. He writes his own pop songs. Check them out! The guy is going places. It's just the beginning for him!!

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